A stabiliser embedded in the polymer during production of the yarn protects the fabrics against UV rays. The lifespan of these textiles is more than double that of polyester that has not been stabilised.

DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT is a UV-stabilised polyester filament yarn that has very good dyeing properties and is easy to process. It can be package dyed in any colour and small lots, unlike dope dyed acrylic yarns. DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT is machine washable and its integrated UV protection is permanent. Fabrics made of DIOLEN®UV-RESISTANT are thinner and lighter than acrylic fabrics of the same strength and therefore ideal for outdoor applications.

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  • Stabiliser permanently embedded in the polyester
  • Does not wash out
  • Extended lifespan
  • Best for:

    Sport & functional wear
    Underware, functional garments
    Stocking & hoisery
    Sun protection





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