Corona vaccinations for TWD employees

Since June 7, 2021, companies can have their employees vaccinated against corona by the company doctor. TWD Fibers GmbH also uses this opportunity. As early as June 9th, we were able to provide our employees with the first vaccination appointments with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer on the company premises. However, due to the small number of deliveries, this was only possible to a limited extent.

With further vaccine deliveries to the company doctor of TWD Fibers GmbH, a second appointment was now available on June 23rd. The appointments were assigned within a very short time. Anyone who has not yet been able to get an appointment due to the prioritization will appreciate the offer. “I think the offer is great because I got a vaccination appointment so quickly. Outside of the company, it would certainly have taken longer”, says trainee Fabian Manghofer with certainty. It is important to him to be vaccinated as protection for himself and his relatives. He has been waiting for an appointment at the vaccination center since January and has not yet received an appointment proposal.