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We spin PES, PA, PP, PE and PBT with an expert eye on detail. Tailor made engineered, manufactured in Germany. As a producer and specialist for filament yarns TWD Fibres GmbH, located in Deggendorf, Bavaria, covers the entire range of filament yarns.

Filament yarns made in Germany

With an average annual production capacity of 30.000 tons, TWD Fibres is Germany’s largest producer of polyester and polyamide 6.6 filament yarns. All production and finishing stages (spinning, texturizing, dyeing, twisting and coning) are a 100% made in Germany. Our strength and your advantage: Accuracy, flexibility and reliability. In close partnership with its customers, TWD Fibres develops “customized yarns” that are tailored towards specific applications.

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Man-made fibres for different requiements

In addition to our broad stock program of polyester and polyamide 6.6 man-made fibres in different twines and specificities, thanks to focused competences in one location we can also individually respond to our customers’ requirements. Besides the titre the form of the filaments contributes to an optimum functionality of the fibre. Hollow fibres for example are especially heat regulating. We also have diverse alternatives concerning colour: on the one hand TWD Fibres offers a broad range of stock colours and seasonal trend colours. On the other Hand we can react to your requests because of our in-house dyeing factory and laboratory. This makes textiles with individual colouring feasible. Furthermore optional functional yarn finishes expand our production possibilities. This process saves resources as it is fully integrated in the dying process and gives our filament yarn additional functionalities such as protection against bacteria and odours.

This wide spectrum enables us to produce yarns for different types of textile applications. Our filament yarns are used for example in sportswear, technical textiles, home textiles, hosiery, medical textiles and automotive. If you set value to innovation and best quality when it comes to men-made fibres, TWD Fibres is the perfect partner for you! You know what your product should look like and which functionalities it should have – we provide the perfect filament yarn. We are spinning the future!